Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Encinitas Construction is a highly regarded contractor that can serve; this is important when a project involves an insurance claim. Beware contractor’s who see “damage” that doesn’t exist because once your adjuster arrives to verify the situation and finds the damage is not as bad as reported on the claim.

Encinitas Construction will not invent problems with your property this is not our way of our business. If we believe there is something wrong with your property we will tell you what it is with the expectation that a claims adjuster will review and validate our findings.

Encinitas Construction will gladly meet on-site with you and the insurance adjuster to review problems that we’ve pointed out.  After that, we work with your insurance company to define the resolution to your property issue.

Let us know if we can help you with your insurance claim

Filing an insurance claim to get your property repaired shouldn’t be intimidating. Got questions; we’ll help.  Since we start our company, we’ve done the right thing and gone the extra mile.  Let us help you! Call Us – 760-545-4468


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